Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TOS Agreements Are a Sham Device to Discriminate: The Case to Be Made that the Internet Is a "Public Accommodation"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A Federal suit alleging discrimination is long overdue as companies selectively enforce Terms of Service agreements as a sham device to discriminate against the rights of Americans to express their views. It is a demonstrable fact that jewry has openly advocated that TOS agreements be implemented and used for the purpose of discrimination against critics of jewry and Israel, and has organized to use this sham device to muzzle persons speaking up for their White racial interests.

I quote the relevant law is these articles:

Selective Enforcement of Internet TOS Agreements to Silence Political Speech and the Firing and Blacklisting of Celebrities for Expressing Political Speech Are Violations of Federal Law, December 21, 2013

We Need to Vigorously Defend Our Rights, April 26, 2017

Response to an Inquiry: Who Hacked RED ICE, and Why?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I received a letter inquiring if the hacking of Red Ice indicates that the Alt Right is not a controlled part of the enemy's agenda. Here is my response:

I do not know who hacked Red Ice. If the decision to do it was in fact made high up, as is likely, it could be part of the demoralization process. Their goal is to make it impossible for the political process to work and to cause the masses to abandon logic and factual information, so that they cannot make rational choices. Attacking free speech is one way of destroying the political process and compelling the masses to look to revolution and civil war as if solutions.

Putin supports 'fascists' abroad while outlawing fascism in Russia. The communists are behind antifa. It is therefore proven that they instigate the fight and control both sides. So we should not be surprised when fighting actually takes place, and the fact that one side is attacked and suffers a loss does not prove that the fight is unstaged at all levels of the hierarchy instigating it. In a rigged boxing match, one man takes a fall. That is not proof that the fight is not rigged.

I am not accusing Red Ice, here, just demonstrating that the communists artificially created the fight and in a fight there will be victories and losses, or there would be no fight. The communists want to intensify the conflict and for there to be no political solution. The hacking of Red Ice could be a part of that agenda, as it obviously has a demoralizing effect on the Alt Right.

They do not want anyone to be happy. The revolution is permanent until all is destroyed. The communists arm both sides so that they consume one another and look to foreign enemies for support.

I am grateful to you for these thoughtful questions and objections. All the best,


I expect that the Alt Right response to these attacks on free speech, including the censorship of Daily Stormer, will be to declare that if free speech is denied, that revolution and civil war are the only available remedy to this tyranny. They will declare the political process defunct and turn to Russian media as if an uncontrolled outlet to spew their contrived vitriol against the West, NATO and America in particular. In other words, they will turn to the world's worst tyrants and most ardent bolsheviks, and declare that they are champions of freedom and the enemies of bolshevism.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Observe This

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Here is an article which addresses the KGB ties to the Alt-Right and what happened in Charlottesville:

Richard Spencer and His Kook-Right Ilk Are Agents of Russian Influence: Kremlin intelligence is manipulating the far-right. It's time to push back.

Unfortunately, it only tells half the story, leaving out the relevant facts that Antifa is also a KGB communist operation, which provides the dialectic struggle necessary to bolshevik destabilization. I tell the full story and would appreciate it if you would help spread the word by posting links to my new site PutinSpy.com and specifically the webpage The Russian Manufactured Conflict Between “Fascists” and “Antifacists” Meant to Destabilize the West, August 7, 2017, which is so timely and relevant at the moment. It is not fair for me to take on this burden alone and do the work of the American government and media by myself.

General Lee, Dodges Charging and Charlottesville

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I think there was obvious symbolism in the motor vehicle attack in Charlottesville that is being missed. Fields charged the crowd with a Dodge Challenger, which was probably as close as he could come to a Dodge Charger, as in the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Dodge Charger:

I always liked Hemi Chargers, even when running 383's. It seems the symbolic General Lee was a victim in Charlottesville that ended up crashed and smashed, and that the idea to use it was inspired by the old TV show. Perhaps Fields wanted to give Robert E. Lee some revenge if only through symbols, subconscious or conscious.

My post The Russian Manufactured Conflict Between “Fascists” and “Antifacists” Meant to Destabilize the West, August 7, 2017 has been fully vindicated in a very shot time. Dark times we live in these days of the permanent communist revolution. Is the media or CIA ever going to point the finger at Moscow for this horror, or is it their goal to play along and foment the communist destabilization of the West?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is Brendon O'Connell a Deep-Cover Mole?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vocal Putin-Trump cheerleader Brendon O'Connell recently flipped and began bashing Putin and Trump, and just about everyone else in the manner of his mentor Eric Hufschmid. O'Connell plagiarized my work to make some of his attacks on Putin and Trump, while concurrently attacking me.

It seems the ultimate effect of all that O'Connell does in his public life as a jew fighter, and now ex-con on the run, benefits the jews and no one else. From his spying on and denunciation of the Iranian Government to his previous trial which made heroes out of the jews he criticized, to his smear mongering and promotion of race mixing and multiculturalism, O'Connell's failures and his work as an agent provocateur benefit the jews and no one else.

So why is O'Connell allowed to infiltrate Muslim nations and spy on them, while trying to take over the "anti-zionist movement" and while promoting Putin and Trump, then demoralizing their followers? Why is he trying to force the opposition to White Genocide to self censor, or face his often fabricated defamations? How can Brendon O'Connell freely travel to Iran and Malaysia? Why he is inciting Australians to break the law and deliberately face prosecution, while he runs from the law? Why is Brendon demanding that people call the Department of Homeland Security and dox themselves?

There is historical precedent for suspecting that Brendon O'Connell is a deep-cover mole and controlled opposition. As but one example of many, consider the story of Vaclav Klaus. Robert Buchar wrote in his article Controlled Opposition:

"Václav Klaus was recruited in 1970 by KGB under code name 'VODICKA'for "Operation Rattrap"-he was publicly named as an 'anti-socialist Malcontent' and 'purged' from the Economic Institute. The purpose was to pose Mr. Klaus as a 'victim' of the regime so he could continue to penetrate dissident circles as a deep-cover mole. The ruse was successful and Mr. Klaus effectively monitored opposition activities and reported dissident intentions, succeeding also in establishing a personal relationship with underground leader Václav Havel."

Marius Laurinavicius wrote in his article Putin's Russia. How to change a country within several years (5):

"Apparently, in 1970 Klaus participated in the special operation staged by StB with the assistance of the KGB. The purpose of the operation was to publicly name Klaus an 'anti-socialist malcontent' and pose him as a 'victim' of the regime so he could continue to penetrate and monitor dissident circles as a deep-cover mole."

See also:

Czech Power Games: How Russia Is Rebuilding Influence In The Former Soviet Bloc

Vaclav Klaus - a wrong man for all reasons

I seem to recall that there were unsubstantiated rumors O'Connell had bragged that he was a drug dealer and a pimp at one time. I have to assume that those rumors were false. Perhaps Brendon can address that issue. He does talk about prostitutes and drugs as if he is knowledgeable.

As an interesting aside, Nick Spero said that he, Nick, had spent a year in jail and that relatives of his were members of the mafia and were assassinated. It is an interesting alliance these two characters have formed to spread false smears and innuendos. Spero evidently flipped from working with White Nationalists to working with O'Connell. Worms often turn.

O'Connell is too cowardly to carry on his lying attacks on me alone. O'Connell likes to run and hide, but why is he given sanctuary and assistance?

See also my articles:

Brendon O'Connell Tried to Hide and Nick Spero Lied, August 11, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work, August 06, 2017

KGB Manufactured Murder and Chaos in Our Streets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For more than a decade, I have been warning that the jews want to create a revolution and provoke civil war in America. In my book Putin's Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time I write about how the KGB is staging conflicts between Nazis and Antifa under their control in the West to foment the chaos of Trotsky's "permanent revolution". On my website PutinSpy.com I recently posted a page with links to demonstrate this orchestrated mayhem. That list just grew longer:

Graphic video shows moment when car drives through protesters

Officials: White nationalist rally linked to 3 deaths

Putin's Support for Europe's Far-Right Just Turned Lethal: This week's cop-killing by a Hungarian neo-Nazi reveals the Kremlin's hidden hand

Russian extremists are 'training neo Nazi terrorists from Europe to use machine guns and make bombs at a paramilitary course where fanatics prepare for "the collapse of civilization"'

Intent on Unsettling E.U., Russia Taps Foot Soldiers From the Fringe

These Swedish Nazis Trained In Russia Before Bombing A Center For Asylum Seekers

Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee

7 stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento

Antifa: The Resurgence of Left-Wing Street Warfare

Russia unleashes anti-swastika purge ahead of WW2 parade

H.R. McMaster: Russia is trying to 'break apart Europe' with disinformation and propaganda

Who is it raising the Roman salute and shouting, "Sieg heil!" in the top video on this webpage at 38 seconds in:


And what is the nationality of his wife?

Who is it that inspired the "Traditionalist" in the Traditionalist Youth Network, cabbalah expert and Putin advisor Alexander Dugin, perhaps? Have a look at this article by Sinead McCarthy, Order Out of Chaos Magic: The Discordian Origins of the Alt Right.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Tried to Hide and Nick Spero Lied

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Unable to find fault with the facts and logic I presented in my expose on plagiarist Brendon O'Connell, O'Connell has teamed up with Nick Spero to attack me for telling the truth about O'Connell. Nick Spero lied and claimed I did not know who Edward Teller was. In fact and contrary to Spero's false claim, in the interview with Kyle Hunt to which Spero refers, I pointed out that Edward Teller was behind the development of the hydrogen bomb and stated that though he is not on our side, he was a brilliant scientist. Not much else to address in Spero's rant other than the fact that Spero was praising me until I exposed Brendon, and now wants to glom onto O'Connell as O'Connell parrots my work.

While disingenuously pretending to address my complaints against him, Brendon hid from the facts I presented exposing him here:

Brendon O'Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work, August 06, 2017

It is no wonder O'Connell lost his case in Australia. He substitutes emotion for reason and facts, then runs and hides. He is now a fugitive spying on Muslim nations.

Is it true or not, Brendon, that you are part Aboriginal Australian? Can you not see how that racial mixing in your blood literally colors your perspective and clouds your thinking? Why do you never mention it? Do you allege it is illogical or factually incorrect to state the fact that the White Race controls the vast majority and the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world and has the potential to dominate all others with the force of those weapons and secure the survival of the White Race for the foreseeable future?

Why do you not address your personal bias when you forward a race mixing and multicultural agenda? Why do you demand that Whites not look after their own interests? Why do you pretend that it bothers you that the Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed, but you do care not about the fact that White Australians, White Europeans and White Americans are being ethnically cleansed? Is it because you are yourself of mixed race? Or is there someone directing your campaign to quell the rising tide of awareness of White genocide?

Why must we always be on the defensive in your view? Can we not take the lead and offer a bright future for the White Race? Must our message always be reactive and negative allowing the jews to always be the focus of attention as they genocide the White Race? Must everything be a response to the jews so that only they dominate the discourse while Whites are genocided? Why should we always and only focus on them and not our own self interests in survival? It is obvious that you are working for the jewish agenda to genocide the White Race, Brendon. A constantly negative and demoralizing message only serves the jews and you are deliberately covering up their campaign to genocide the White Race. Why do you insist that we remain silent on the issue of White genocide? Why do you advocate the delusion that there is time to wait to address the issue and try to make it taboo?

How is it that you allege to know I have never mentioned "Operation Talpiot" if you have not followed my work, as you concomitantly allege? You are clearly lying when you say you have not followed my work. You parrot it regularly and claim to know every word I have written and spoken, or how else is it that you claim to prove the negative of your repeated allegations that I have never mentioned "Operation Talpiot"? You know what I said in my Red Ice interview but claim you haven't heard it, though you claim to quote from it. That is a neat trick! Why didn't you simply admit your plagiarism and apologize, instead of whining and whimpering that you are supposedly a victim for stealing my work? Why do you pretend to respond to my article exposing you and your lies, when you concurrently pretend not to have read it? How did you know, as but one example, that I pointed out that you were spying on Iran to defame the Iranians who tried to help you?

Now on to more serious matters. Brendon O'Connell is an old fan and supporter of Eric Hufschmid. Eric Hufschmid was a notorious smear monger whose sister just happened to be married into the Murdoch clan, the Australia media mogul family.

O'Connell, like Hufschmid, is obsessed with Christopher Bollyn. He reminisces about the "Skunk" whose website was in part a Hufschmid creation. Now, O'Connell has adopted a Hufschmid smear monger routine.

O'Connell is also an agent provocateur trying to lure Australians into getting themselves in trouble with the law on the pretext of making a test case. He tries to ensnare the poor and naive who have no chance to win their case into incriminating themselves. He is also an agent provocateur calling for a military coup in the USA. In additon, O'Connell has asked his audience to dox themselves to the US government by voluntarily calling the government to complain. That was what Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid used to do.

O'Connell claims to be the only one who is speaking the truth. It is the classic tell of a Cointelpro operative like O'Connell to claim that he is the only person speaking the truth and that everyone should acknowledge him as their leader. That was also the method of Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid, Hufschmid whose sister was married into the Murdoch clan.

Nick Spero has himself stated that O'Connell's claims regarding "Operation Talpiot" are not true. Why would anyone repeat what is not true? Why would O'Connell smear people for not parroting his falsehoods? This video addresses that issue:

O'Connell claims that I do not talk about Israel's transfer of our military technology to our enemies, while O'Connell irrationally concurrently claims to not know what I have said. In fact, I have been talking about Israel's theft of our technology and military secrets and their treachery in providing them to the communists for a very long time before Brendon O'Connell:

This Is What the Jews Gave to the Communists in Russia and China So They Will Murder Your Children, December 28, 2013

One the themes of my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Agenda is that jews gave Israel and Russia our nuclear weapons secrets and thereby created the system of Mutually Assured Destruction. Plagiarist Brendon O'Connell is now parroting what I wrote a year ago in this article Trump's Plan to Open Up Our Intelligence Agencies to Israel Is Suicidal, August 01, 2016, though at the time I wrote these words O'Connell was cheerleading for Putin and Trump:

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump has pledged to open up our intelligence agencies to our enemy Israel. Many are familiar with Israel's espionage on American intelligence and the damage it has caused because of the disloyalty of the jew Jonathan Pollard. Lesser known are the many other times the Israelis have exploited our military secrets to our detriment.

See, for example, how the jews have treacherously funneled our military technology to the Chinese communists who threaten to exterminate us with nuclear weapons:


U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

Seymour Hersh wrote in his book The Samson Option,

"A former high-ranking NSA official recalled his anger upon subsequently learning early in the Reagan administration that Israeli military officers were permitted to attend Pentagon meetings at which future missions and orbital flight paths for the KH-11 were discussed. 'People who knew about it wanted to puke,' the former official said. 'With the care this [the KH-11] got everywhere else, this blew our minds.' [***] Ariel Sharon concluded after the cabinet room meeting that the United States was not a reliable strategic ally. He turned to a clandestine Israeli intelligence agency controlled by his defense ministry, whose operations at the time were not fully understood by Washington, and stood by as it intercepted intelligence on the Middle East and Soviet Union from the most sensitive agencies in America--the kind of intelligence that Israel had been told it would no longer be able to get. An American Jew working in the U.S. intelligence community had volunteered his services to the agency several years earlier; he would soon be put to work spying on his country for Israel."–S. Hersh, The Samson Option, Random House, New York, (1991), pp. 14, 16.

The jews are turning to Russia to be their new slave army and bolshevize all of Islam to place it behind an iron curtain, so that the jews can destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock with impunity and build their temple on the site. The jews prefer the Russians' rejection of human rights, to America's embrace of human rights. The jews were the masterminds of the Soviet Union and want to place all of Islam and the White Race under its absolute control.

Trump should never advocate giving our mortal enemy Israel access to our intelligence information or military secrets. Trump is advocating treason!

While O'Connell was cheerleading for Putin and Trump, I was warning the world that Trump was in bed with Putin and would sell us out to Israel and its ally Red Russia, including transferring our intelligence to Russia and Israel:

Definitely a Zionist, But Is Donald Trump also a Communist Traitor? July 21, 2016

Benedict Donald, Traitor Trump Again Commits Treason, July 27, 2016

America's New Experiment with Russian Totalitarianism, November 09, 2016

When O'Connell added something I found noteworthy to the theme I had been covering for a decade, I drew attention to it and cited it referencing him by name. His response? He stabbed me in the back and attacked me for it claiming I was trying to set him up with racism! That is the difference between us. Brendon O'Connell is a liar, a fugitive coward on the run, a plagiarist, a spy, an agent provacateur and a back stabber. . . and a poisonous hypocrite. At the same time that O'Connell encourages naive young Australians to incriminate themselves and enter the court system, O'Connell is running from the law! He must be working for someone. There is no other rational explanation for his irrational behavior. And it is not in opposition to the jews.

Brendon is also lying when he claims that the reason why he stabbed me in the back in 2010 was for my racial views. The truth is that he accused me of attacking him personally in my general criticisms of Christianity, which made no mention of him. His backstabbing and profanity laden rant had nothing to do with race. Additionally, I had been criticizing Christianity for my entire life and did so in my interviews and writings long before I had the misfortune to encounter Brendon O'Connell. O'Connell cruelly attacked the physical appearance of Lady Renouf in the same rant and was trying to demand money from many people as he smeared them. O'Connell was not interested in proof that the jews are racist, including the Old Testament. O'Connell handed the jews an easy victory and I am coming to believe it was by design.

I have been pointing out the Iranians ties to Israel and communism for more than a decade. I point out O'Connell's espionage on Iran in order to demonstrate the fact that he is a spy, who has moved freely to Iran and Malaysia despite being a fugitive. O'Connell creates a false dichotomy between the Israeli subversion of Iran under its current leadership, and the O'Connell's avowed worship of Ahmadinejad. But O'Connell himself offers up a video from 2008 declaring that Iran would dominate the Middle East with Russia in the background. Crypto-jew Ahmadinejad, Brendon's hero, was the President of Iran in 2008. It seems Brendon's handlers would like to see Ahmadinejad back in power, which is at least part of the evident purpose of O'Connell's spying on the nation. The Israelis loved Ahmadinejad, as I was pointing out a decade ago.

So what are O'Connell's current objectives? He is smearing people and trying to provoke people into getting themselves in trouble in Australia so the Australian media will have another circus to present where they can paint the jews as victims, this as he hides from prosecution or pretends to.

Brendon O'Connell is pushing multiculturalism and race mixing and smearing any and all who want to preserve the White Race. O'Connell has an anti-White agenda and Nick Spero is cheering it on and lying to support O'Connell. Do not expect O'Connell to address these facts. Expect him to continue to lie and plagiarize as he uses Nick Spero to try and build an audience so that he can break apart any unity among people who want to preserve the White Race.

See also my articles:

Is Brendon O'Connell a Deep-Cover Mole? August 13, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work, August 06, 2017

Why Is North Korea Announcing Its Targets?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The communists are setting us up in collusion with one another. Red Russia and Red China have instructed North Korea to start naming targets for its nuclear weapons. This will initially shield them from a counter strike, but it has additional long term benefits for the bolsheviks.

If North Korea launches missiles at Guam, the Red Russians and Red Chinese want to ensure that America does not launch a nuclear strike at Russia and China, as would likely otherwise occur. It is only in the interests of Red Russia and Red China that North Korea threaten specific targets. It works against North Korea's strategic interests. So we can be certain that North Korea is only making this obvious blunder for the benefit of Red Russia and Red China and is doing so at their insistence, which is further proof that they control the Red Regime in North Korea and they are responsible for its attacks on us and are orchestrating them.

Imagine what might occur if North Korea launched an attack at Guam without first announcing to the world that North Korea, not Russia or China, is planning to attack Guam. The US might immediately launch a full scale retaliatory nuclear strike on Red Russia and Red China.

As Red Russia and Red China feed North Korea missile and nuclear weapons technology, it will enlarge its range of attack. North Korea will then be able to legitimately threaten the Continental US and they will threaten to strike us. Red Russia and Red China will then have the ability to slow down or eliminate any counter strike against them by creating an ambiguity as to the source of an attack against us. This would provide them with an invaluable advantage for first strike, as the US hesitated to determine who exactly was launching nuclear weapons against us. In this way, nuclear proliferation and North Korea's specific threats favor Red Russia and Red China, even though they harm North Korea.

North Korea, Red Russia and Red China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Red China and Red Russia are piling up troops along their borders with North Korea. The American media are telling us that they are doing this to seal off the border in case the US strikes and there is a massive flood of refugees across those borders. That is obvious nonsense.

The Red Chinese and Red Russians are lining up their troops as a threat to the USA and to show support for their ally North Korea, which has repeatedly threatened to wage nuclear war against America. Those troops are there to attack Americans, South Koreans and Japanese, not repel fellow communists. They are there to prevent a conventional war and encourage a nuclear war.

Why does our government continue to deny the reality that Red China and Red Russia are our enemies, as much as is their client State North Korea?

Why doesn't President Trump tell the Red Chinese and Red Russians to withdraw their troops from the border starting within 12 hours, or the American government will order the expulsion of all Chinese and Russians within our borders? Better yet, why doesn't he order the expulsion of all Chinese and Russians and halt all their banking operations within our ability to do so? They have made it very clear that they are our enemy.

I suspect the Trump administration is about to mirror the North Koreans in their approach. They will want to see what the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians do if it appears that war is imminent. Trump may tell North Korea it has 24 hours to surrender unconditionally, or face nuclear annihilation, but then again, maybe not, or, maybe, it will be a bombing raid, or perhaps nothing will happen. Then we will watch what happens. They might do this once, twice, or three times, and then strike.

The pressure should be put on Red China and Red Russia who are doing this to us. We should no longer fund their military build up. We should no longer tolerate their games. We should remind Red China that we have the nuclear arsenal to obliterate them, and then see what Red Russia says and does. The communists have made the rules, let us play by them or perish from cowardice in the face of a weaker enemy.

And we should tell the Red Chinese to collect on their bonds from BRICS, because we won't pay an enemy to wage nuclear war on us through its communist proxy State North Korea. Put them on their heels and bring them to heel. Do not let them pretend that they are neutral arbiters of our fate as they threaten our children with nuclear war. Fight back against them!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

BRICS Forms a Route

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If you examine a map of the BRICS nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; it becomes immediately apparent that they form a route encircling the Eastern and Southern regions of Western Europe, the USA and Canada, as well the oil producing nations of the Middle East. Combine this map with a map of Chinese investment in Africa, and the communist conquest of the World begins to appear, with Israel at the heart and Chinese armies circling the globe.

China is investing heavily in Africa. The BRICS nations form a sickle cutting across the Indian Ocean and South Atlantic. It is important to China to takeover at least the Eastern portion of India and Bangladesh so as to gain access to the Bay of Bengal. This is likely why a war is being staged between BRICS partners India and Red China right at the heart of this juncture in Doklam, which would provide Red China with a direct route to its new colonies in Africa and coming colonies in South America.

At the same time, Red Russia is taking over Ukraine, Syria and Turkey, which latter two nations may join BRICS, as may Greece which is increasingly coming under Red Russian control. This will completely cut off Middle East energy from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and America; and leave us completely at the mercy of the Red Russian energy mafia, as Russia and Iran attack Sunni Muslims and incorporate their countries into the Soviet Union. Israel will then be surrounded by its communist allies, who will place Islam behind an iron curtain.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Correspondence Regarding Soviet Trust Agent Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum aka "Ayn Rand"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am engaging in a correspondence with someone who disagrees with my views of "Ayn Rand". Here are my first three letters in response.


I will add a fuller reply later, but I just want to agree with you about the many evils of Christianity. I am not advocate of Christianity. I suspect you are referring to where I wrote:

"While Jews famously provided communal support and charitable assistance for their own, Rosenbaum helped to create the destructive 'me generation' attitudes in Americans, which undermined the good nature of Christianity, weakened communities and inhibited the advancement of the poor and middle class. Her beliefs also fostered the drug culture, pornography and the destruction of public education. While Jews promoted strong community ties, Rosenbaum taught the Gentiles to be selfish and 'independent', meaning without any sense of social responsibility or communal cohesion."

There is a very good side to Christianity and a very bad side to Christianity. Rosenbaum strengthened the bad side: zionism, the irrational hatred of Arabs and the sense of choseness of the "elect" in Protestantism; while concurrently weakening the good side of Christianity: social conscience, opposition to usury, communal responsibility, duty, group honor, charity, selflessness, etc.

Rosenbaum left Russia at the tail end of the Trust program. She was assisted by bolshevik Hollywood. Like a typical crypto-jew and communist she used a pseudonym. She became, together with Leo Strauss, a leading philosopher of the Trotskyites. She, like Strauss, helped create the philosophy of arrogance and entitlement that justifies the lies of government leaders to the people. Her philosophies misrepresent the realities of how wealth and psychopathic greed coupled with immorality destroys civilization. Her solution to class warfare is group disloyalty of the rich to society and the exploitation of the national resources by a privileged class to destroy the economy and sabotage the nation. She misrepresented American tradition in a way that benefitted our enemies and internationalized our national resources leaving them easy pickings for the exploitation of unregulated international markets. She advocated the ruinous gold standard which allows our enemies the opportunity to deflate our money supply and strangle the economy at their whim. By simply hoarding gold and/or sending it out of the nation the bankers can ruin us under a gold standard. Her philosophy falsely claims that the market can and will correct the actions of the enemy within to ruin the nation by their designs. She wanted to grant the enemy the right to act with impunity and free rein as a Trojan horse within America to completely destroy our nation, and she has nearly succeeded. The removal of the ability of government to impose with force the collective will of the nation inevitably leads to balkanization, and that was well known and desired by our bolshevik enemies, Rosenbaum's masters. She never pointed out the name and the nature of the enemy, instead scapegoating the poor and the communists for what international jewry was doing, with her as one of its leading members. As far as I know, she NEVER addressed the existential danger of jewish messianic prophecy and the subversion of the American government by Israel. Being herself a jew, she was disloyal to America in favor of Israel. She was disloyal to the American majority population in favor of the banking class. She did absolutely nothing that was ever in any way harmful to the communists or the bankers, who have so harmed America.

Thank you for interest in my work and the time you have taken to criticize it in a meaningful way.

Best regards,



I suspect that we can agree without further proof that the communists sought to subvert the USA. I think it is also noncontroversial to state that the Trust employed the method of appealing to the sensibilities of a targeted group so as to gain admittance into it for the purpose of subverting it to serve the aims of the communists. So it is to be expected that Rosenbaum would cloak herself in the language of the Constitution when her goal was to subvert the Constitution. It is often said that the Talmudists only quote the Torah to reverse its meaning.

The communists hate democracy. They see it as weak and vulnerable and sought out its vulnerabilities to exploit as means to destroy it and ruin the nation which practices democratic principles so that the international communists can succeed in their quest to destroy all nations.

For example, the communists have always sponsored a non-interventionist military policy in America when it comes to warfare against communist nations. They do not use the same contrived philosophies to achieve this objective to all groups in America. Instead, they appeal to Catholic pacificism when subverting Catholics. They appeal to the Left's social compassion to subvert the Left. In the case of Libertarians, they appeal to selfishness and the Constitution, not out of genuine admiration for its doctrines, but rather because they can use it to forward the communist agenda of preventing American resistance to communism. In other words, the communists exploit the freedoms secured in our Constitution to ruin us and the Constitution and enslave the nations of the world to communism.

The communists use the free press to subvert us and restrict our freedoms. The communists created the false impression that the Founding Fathers, Adam Smith and classical liberalism all advocated international free markets, when the truth is that they all opposed them. Rosenbaum was a leader in that deception. Her subversion has been successful in transferring our industrial base to communist China. That was by design, not accident.

The Trust was implemented during Lenin's New Economic Policy, which was engineered to create the false impression that communism was weak and abandoning its fundamental principles in favor of Western Capitalism. The ultimate deception and product of that sham was communist China's admittance into the WTO which enabled them to steal our industry. That was Lenin's plan from the beginning and the Soviets sent Rosenbaum and others into our nation to foster it, and they did so with horrifying success. They, of course, appealed to our foundational beliefs as a means of subverting us with the Trojan horse of communist propagandists including Rosenbaum, Rothbard and the Paul dynasty.

By not pointing out that the bankers created and sustained our communist enemy, and instead glorifying their greed and falsely claiming it was their right to oppose our national interests and carry out enemy operations on our soil, Rosenbaum served communism and the bankers who created it and used it to ruin Russia and Eastern Europe with their communist takeover. By not identifying our enemy and by insisting that the enemy had constitutional rights to conduct its war against us, Rosenbaum put the armor on the Trojan horse and rode it herself. Rosenbaum was exploiting what Marx called "false consciousness", in that she promoted our foundational principles as a means of securing the jewish bankers ability to exploit and defeat us from within. Were she on our side, she would have named the enemy and called for a declaration of war against it. Instead, she created scapegoats (the poor and the politically powerless) to mask the enemy and blamed these scapegoats for their defeat at the hands of the enemy she sponsored against us, the jewish bankers.

Best regards,



One of Rosenbaum's worst deceptions was to treat communism as if it were a sincere though defective political philosophy. She knew full well that communism was a deliberate jewish attempt to deceive Gentiles with a knowingly false utopian doctrine that would by design produce the opposite effects of its stated aims.

Rosenbaum was fully aware that jews created communism and the jewish bankers orchestrated the communist takeover of Russia. She was fully cognizant of the fact that they did so not to create a worker's paradise, but instead to exact revenge on the Czar and enslave the Slavic race with full knowledge of the consequences of their actions and with the malicious intent of deceiving the Russian People into destroying themselves for the benefit of the jews.

Rosenbaum cannot be forgiven or excused for failing to teach her audience that communism was not a sincere political philosophy, but instead a deliberate jewish deception meant to wreak havoc on the human race in fulfilment of jewish messianic prophecy. She kept the jews who created communism in power in the USA and sought to guarantee that they could continue their war against us unabated by falsely claiming that the Constitution granted them the right to wage war on us without any power of the Federal Government to intervene to safeguard the American People against this enemy force.

Best regards,


Monday, August 07, 2017

Modern Man's Contrived Detachment from Reality. . . and the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The film Hypernormalization explains a few of the aspects of how modern man is deliberately rendered detached from reality, and how the bankers are seizing the power of the State to dominate our lives:

The movie leaves unsaid the fuller history of our era's common and contrived delusions and fails to state that there are solutions to the dilemma of our current reality despite the refusal of our politicians and press to explain or identify them. Normalization is itself a KGB term. The KGB derives from a series of jewish intelligence agencies whose aim has always been to forward jewish messianic aspirations and to hide the dominance of the jews.

The purpose of normalization is to secure the power of the communists and make it impossible for counter revolution to succeed, barring military intervention. This is accomplished by normalizing public institutions to the extent necessary for society to function to the extent necessary to keep the communists in power.

Hypernormalization is the destruction of the survival instincts of humanity and the complete surrender of the psyche to the covertly jewish run State. The destruction of the political process through the fomentation of chaos as part of the jews' permanent revolutions does not equate to the destruction of the power of the State. Rather, it is a function of it.

The jews have their own State, Israel. The communists have several States and Russia takes the lead in imposing the jewish Trotskyite permanent world revolution on the globe. But the process of undermining the ability of Gentiles to perceive reality, realize their own self interests and make rational decisions began long before the current practices of Putin and Vladimir Surkov.

Crypto-jewess Esther hid her real name and pretended to be a Gentile so that she could subvert the State and use its powers to genocide the Gentiles. The jews have employed this method of hiding reality and their control of the State for their entire known history.

In this sense, the documentary Hypernormalization is itself a deception and misdirects the attention of the world from our primary enemy the jews and their most significant machinations, their control of government, military forces, banking, the press, communism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, anti-fascism, Putin, Trump, wars, welfare, the major cities, etc. The film also ignores the fact that solutions to our problems do exist and begin and end with solving the jewish problem.

To solve the jewish problem we ought to examine how the jews have blinded most people to their power, presence, influence and agenda. The jews have made their agenda of the destruction of the world and extermination of the Gentiles, the agenda of Gentiles by means of Christianity, Islam and communism. They have hidden their agenda in plain sight and have hidden reality in general behind religious myths that have the Gentiles praying to mythical powers for their own destruction. The jews have the Gentiles blinding themselves to reality and destroying their own survival instincts by worshiping consciousness above genes. And this is not by any means new. The jews ruled gnostic Christianity and the Cathars and had them teaching Gentile Christians that reproduction is an evil material practice that traps devine spirits in the material world of an evil god's creation. They turned Gentiles against their own survival and taught Gentiles not to breed, to eat their own semen, menstrual waste and aborted fetuses. That is truly living in a fantasy world of group suicide, by jewish design.

And the jews have blinded the Gentiles to the reality that jews dominate them and control their thoughts and actions. The jews have misled Gentiles to falsely believe in an abstract, unreal and self destructive series of delusions that: Jews are harmless victims, who do not control the media, politicians or the banking and monetary systems. Israel is an ally of the United States and a political creation not a religious one. Jerusalem will remain an international city (this is changing rapidly, but was a foundational lie of zionism and the formation of the jewish State). Communism is dead and jews have had no disproportionate influence over it and are instead victims of it. The Young Turks were Turkish Muslims and the jews were victims of the Young Turks, not their leaders. That nations who bless the jews are blessed by their god. That American Troksyite neocons were working for the benefit of Israel and American, not Russia and Israel. Etc. Etc. Etc.

These are the primary delusions governing our world which enable the jews to function against us without our awareness of the problem and the source of so many problems they intentionally create for us, as they hide the solutions.

There are solutions, but only if jewish influence is removed worldwide. We can produce our own currency. Whites united control the most powerful and majority of nuclear weapons and can secure our peace, stability and survival with them. Whites can seal our borders and remove non-Whites from our societies. We can keep our technologies secret and maintain control over our agriculture without destroying our soils and the genetics of our crops.

There is no necessity for our destruction. Nothing is beyond our control if we employ our intelligence and our resources to serve our own best interests. The film seems to imply that our situation is hopeless, which is nonsense and the greatest deception of all.

Furthermore, the movie falsely portrays Syria as the source of terrorism. It is also does not address the fact that the existence of Israel is the root source of turmoil in the world and that Israel benefits from and creates terrorism and the deliberate destabilization of the Middle East, together with the Trotskyite jews of America and the KGB communists under Putin.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Putin's Propaganda Machine: Russian "Troll Bots" and the Alt-Right Speak With One Scripted and Irrational Voice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is blatantly obvious that the Alt-Right is an organ of the Putin Propaganda Machine and helps to script its irrational and suicidal message. It is also clear that the Alt-Right is working for the Israel-Russia Zionist-Communist Axis against the West.

The following two paragraphs from an article in The Daily Beast summarize the situation,

"But fallout over the list—and questions about loyalty to Bannon versus McMaster—led the three-star general to fire two of his top aides, an act that's landed McMaster in the firing line of Bannon's alt-right media allies and Russian troll bots, both calling for his ouster. [***] Furthermore, there is, according to multiple senior administration sources, no trust whatsoever between the two men. McMaster has long suspected Bannon of covertly engineering an aggressive leak campaign against him in an attempt to caricature him as anti-Israel and weak on terror—suspicions that persist to this day."--Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, Kimberly Dozier, Spencer Ackerman, "White House 'Enemies List' Drove McMaster-Bannon Feud", The Daily Beast, (5 August 2017)

The Alt-Right is sponsoring Israel's interests and Russia's interests, not America's interests or the best interests of the White West. McMaster is evidently not a slave of Russia or Israel:

Here is a Breitbart article slamming McMaster, which demonstrates the priorities of the author:

NSC Purge: McMaster 'Deeply Hostile to Israel and to Trump'

Tom Porter wrote for Newsweek,

"McMaster has come under attack by conservatives aligned with the White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, including the far-right Breitbart website that Bannon formerly edited.

Contradictory attacks accused McMaster of both being controlled by Jews, and not being sufficiently supportive of Israel. Alt-right journalist Mike Cernovich has shared links to a site called McMaster Leaks on Twitter, devoted to attacks on the general.

The website contained an anti-Semitic cartoon showing McMaster controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty and investor George Soros, reported Haaretz. Breitbart attacks quoting 'administration officials' alleged McMaster opposed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appearing alongside Trump at the president's recent visit to the Western Wall."--Tom Porter, "Trump Defends McMaster After Alt-Right Attacks From Bannon Allies", Newsweek, (5 August 2017)

The Alternative Media and Its Role in Demoralizing Dissidents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time, I have observed that many popular heads of the alternative media continually flip flop in their message, except when supporting communist countries and specific political candidates they promote as if our saviors and last hope for survival. They relentlessly bash the West, except when their preferred political puppet cloaks himself in the flag to win votes. At critical junctures, they promote infighting to control the alternative news cycle and prevent unified action that would actually accomplish something beneficial for their audience.

In this article:

A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd, November 09, 2008

I wrote,

"Almost all of these front groups and operatives continually push gold and silver, even those who now plagiarize my criticisms of Ron Paul. They copy my work in order to steal my thunder and mix my arguments with their dung. They continually flip flop on these issues and constantly reinvent themselves so as to create confusion and disgust in the Anti-Zionist Movement."

And in this article:

How Operatives in the "Patriot Movement" Are Fulfilling THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, November 19, 2007

"Not all of the subversive agents in the "Patriot Movement" sell the same snake oil, which they scrape off of their slimy selves. Instead, World Jewry tries to confuse the Goyim and generate fights amongst their Goyische ranks. Some Jewish operatives in the "Patriot Movement" point out the lies of other operatives so as to win themselves credibility and an audience, which they then subvert, and confuse, and pit against other Goys.

One such team even stages fights among its team members creating a soap opera drama which perpetually distracts from the pressing issues of the day, and which creates confusion and disunity in authentic anti-Zionist movements. The same players alternatively attack, then reconcile, with one another, while Jewry wages war on the human race.

This team stages dramas meant to re-educate Goyim to Bolshevik immorality and amorality. They teach the Goys to spy on one another, with staged fights, just as the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, the Stasi, the Nazis, and other Bolsheviks taught their followers and slaves to do. They teach their gullible Goys to fear being recorded and to denounce one another, just as Bolsheviks always do.

In this way, they humiliate people and discourage organization by discouraging communication and fellowship. This same team runs cover for the Bush Administration, discouraging efforts at impeachment, or even mere criticism, on the sophistical basis that Bush and his crew are not the top men in the Zionist gang. We must, of course, pursue all legal and peaceful means to end disproportionate, traitorous and destructive Jewish influence in our nation, and unseating Bush would go a long way towards that end, not by necessarily providing a superior replacement, but rather by establishing for all to see that the American People do not support Zionist warmongers.

We do not ignore crack dealers merely because they are tools of higher powers. We arrest them and pursue their bosses.

It is interesting to observe this team and note how often they utter the same ultimate message as FOX News, though they use differing sophistical means to arrive at it. They often throw up names of powerful Jews, and Jewish religious movements, who are competitors to top Zionist Jews, and in this way Zionist Jewry uses its operatives in the anti-Zionist movement to pressure other competing Jews.

We can see how they sometimes waver in their message, even to pressure Bush and Cheney when they show signs of reluctance to pursue Jewish wars. Then when Bush & Co. again start to toe the radical Zionist line, the pressure is relaxed and the old mantra returns.

When political events really heat up, this team stages fights to distract from events of the day, and/or seeks to coopt the message and steal the thunder of true leaders of the anti-Zionist movement, and thereby embarrass the movement with the team's farcical antics, bogus conspiracy theories, hoaxes and scripted outrageously paranoid delusions. This team has also acted as agents provocateur attempting to incite violence and revolution.

Note that when it is most important for alternative media to speak up and organize to oppose Zionist aggression, as in the case of the Lebanon War and the war between Turkey and the PKK, some elements honorably do just that, whilst others stage distracting fights and/or coopt the message with lies such as stating that these events are 'unintended consequences' of American foreign policy."

Vladislav Surkov has used very similar methods to generate confusion and the inability to make rational decisions in the masses. Yuri Bezmenov explained that these are standard KGB tactics. This video describes Surkov's manipulation of the public mind to forward Putin's agenda:

I am beginning to suspect that Brendon O'Connell has been tasked with conducting a demoralization campaign. He plagiarizes my work, but mixes it with his insane calls for a military coup in America, his whining about what a lunatic he has become, and his back stabbing against those who have promoted his past efforts. In typical Cointelpro fashion, he falsely asserts that only he has the truth as he plagiarizes it from me and others, that everyone else is fake news including those whom he parrots, and that everyone must promote him to lead a new resistence. Really, he is following the textbook of the Cointelpro agent to the letter. At every turn, O'Connell has been a loser who has handed the jews victory. Now, he is trying to lure people in Australia to follow his failed example and end up in trouble. He has also engaged in espionage against the nation of Iran and tried to badly embarrass it, as he has embarrassed himself with his looney rants.

By Brendon's own accounts, he is mad. He was involved with the KGB controlled Russian Orthodox Church. He lived in Iran and met with high ranking leaders. He was a cheerleader for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Now, when the time has come to demoralize those who support Putin, Trump and Iran, Brendon has flipped on them all and claimed new research and insights which he has plagiarized. But all that information was in his sight for years before he flipped and flipped out. So why the clown act now by this messenger Brendon O'Connell who discredits himself constantly? It is to demoralize the Putin Cult and leave them unable to decipher what is true and what rational course of action they should take. His advice is the same standard as the old Hufschmid crew. Call the authorities and dox yourself to the government so you can share his (staged?) fate.

Brendon O'Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brendon O'Connell has always closely followed my work. I reported extensively on his case until he stabbed me in the back and iterated a false and paranoid rant accusing me of personally attacking him with my general critiques of Christianity, which in some delusion of his he felt were directed at him, why, only he knows.

I recently gave him a second chance and threw him a bone for picking up on my years long exposure of Israel stealing our military intelligence and forwarding it to our communist enemies. It was a mistake, as he stabbed me in the back again for mentioning him as a means to help spread the message. Now he is plagiarizing more of my work and pretending that he is the only person talking about things I was talking about for years before him.

O'Connell pretends to be some kind of insightful guru for coming late to the party and plagiarizing my years long exposure of the fact that Israel wants to ally with Russia, because Russians have no regard for human rights, among other reasons. Brendon puts up this July 3, 2015, article as if proof of his amazing and unique abilities, while admitting that he has only just now figured this out:

Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America

However, if Brendon O'Connell tried a little harder he would remember my article which appeared before that one:

Bedros Hajian Interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN, June 07, 2015

In that article I stated,

"The Russian Orthodox Church has as much been subverted by the communist KGB as the evangelical churches have been subverted by the zionists. Both serve the jews to destroy the Middle East. Russia provides the weapons used as does the USA under communist and zionist jewish subversion. To have a fight, there must be opposing sides and the USSR and USA provided those sides with weapons not in opposition to the jews, but rather in their service. Putin in no way opposes Israel but rather serves Israel by opposing on occasion the jewish subversion of the USA. The jews ultimately want to turn Iran and the rest of the Islamic World into Soviet Republics where jewry can do to the Muslims what it did to the Ukraine in the Holodomor. Jews are very welcoming of the spread of communism to the Muslim World that Putin promises. The communists hate the concept of human rights, as do the Israelis. The Israelis have a large Russian jew population. They are in bed together and there has been no worse manifestation of the NWO than the USSR which Putin is resurrecting with the help of and at the insistence of the jews. How is it that Dankof fails to see that Red China is the NWO made flesh? Dankof's demoralizing attacks on the West and specifically on America only serve the cultural marxist and the KGB marxist agenda to have us abandon our defenses, including NATO and whimper our way into the iron grasp of the communist Russians and communist Chinese."

There was also this article I wrote:

Three Things that Struck Me (in the Heart) in the Republican Primary Debate, February 08, 2016

"Trump pointed out the barbarity of ISIS and then implied that he planned to match it on some levels, by stating that he would not only support waterboarding, but far more intense tortures. Trump is also issuing worrisome jingoisms calling for more US war in the Middle East. He never states who is our worst enemy in the region, Israel, which is eager to side with Russia against us, because Russia, like Israel, has no respect for human rights."

And I also wrote this:

Donald Trump Thinks and Talks Like an Anti-American Soviet Propagandist, July 23, 2016

"I have heard several personalities in the White Nationalist movement degrading the concept of human rights and attacking both the constitution generally, and the bill of rights specifically. Trump does not criticize the constitution, but he does disregard human rights, just like a good bolshevik. The Israelis are eager to join forces with the Russians, because they, too, have no regard for human rights. The communist Chinese also seek to destroy the notion that human beings have inherent rights which no State can lawfully violate. Trump is in league with this line of thought, and we must ask why, and is it mere coincidence that he so consistently advances the Russian communist agenda, together with Le Pen and others of their ilk."

And this:

Trump's Plan to Open Up Our Intelligence Agencies to Israel Is Suicidal, August 01, 2016

"The jews are turning to Russia to be their new slave army and bolshevize all of Islam to place it behind an iron curtain, so that the jews can destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock with impunity and build their temple on the site. The jews prefer the Russians' rejection of human rights, to America's embrace of human rights. The jews were the masterminds of the Soviet Union and want to place all of Islam and the White Race under its absolute control."

Though you pretend to the throne of the moral high ground Brendon, you are a back stabber and a plagiarist. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that you have Australian aboriginal blood coursing through your deceitful veins, that is your problem. Do not take it out on the White Race.

I should note that I only went back to the date of the article which Brendon cited for my own convenience to demonstrate something I had published before that article had appeared. The fact is I was talking about the things Brendon claims are news to the world in 2017, for years before June of 2015. I also repeatedly addressed these issues in many interviews over the course of a decade and more. Brendon O'Connell knows that and is trying to steal my thunder because he has nothing original of value to say.

Brendon questions Ken O'Keefe (after I exposed O'Keefe and after Brendon had previously portrayed him as if a genius for reiterating Brendon's asinine call for a military coup in America) for being able to travel freely in America. Who are you working for, Brendon, that you travel to Iran and Malaysia despite being a fugitive? Why are you stabbing people in the back while concurrently parroting their work? Why do you pretend to be a moral guide as you back stab and plagiarize? You remind me of your old friend and mentor Eric Hufschmid, whose sister married into the Murdoch clan. The Murdochs are from Australia, too, are they not?

Here is the plagiarist claiming glory for himself for my work:

See also my articles:

Is Brendon O'Connell a Deep-Cover Mole? August 13, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Tried to Hide and Nick Spero Lied, August 11, 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have created a new website:


I am currently also working on several book projects, including books on the Holodomor, White Genocide, the heresy of Christian Zionism, both world wars, and Jewish racism in judaism. In addition, I am planning a radio program. Beyond that, I will eventually publish a multivolume Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides including the Ukrainian, Armenian, White, German, British, Greek, Palestinian, etc.

These projects are very time intensive and I am requesting that anyone who appreciates my work and would like to help me be more productive to please contribute what you can. The more funds I can raise, the more things I can do and do well, and the sooner I can finish them. Otherwise, I am compelled to spend my time on far less important work. Thank you!

Minor Sanctions Are Not Enough to Stop Putin

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our European allies find themselves in a bad situation. Some have foolishly made themselves dependent on Russian energy allowing the Russians to bride and otherwise control their leadership. Some nations are trapped in the old Soviet system. Russia and Israel are destabilizing Turkey and Ukraine and creating a massive Shia-Sunni conflict that threatens to cut Europe off Middle Eastern energy supplies.

Unilateral sanctions must be far more severe in order to really stop Putin, rather than merely hurt his pocketbook. The banking system needs to shut him down. NATO needs to block Russia in Turkey. Ukraine needs serious support. The press needs to expose Putin and the Soviet Union as murderous bolsheviks.

But we also need to support our European allies against the ever expanding Soviet Union by sponsoring new supplies of energy which circumvent Russia and Israel's attempt to monopolize the European energy market. The US Government should work together with Europe, and Europe should work together with the US to create new sources of supply and develop the infrastructure to deliver it to Europe. If the jews and communists seek to sabotage these efforts, we should respond in unkind.

There are opportunities to supply Europe with alternative sources of energy that our enemies are exploiting, but which we ignore, because Trump and Merkel are Putin's puppets. We should also NOT increase our reliance on fossil fuels at a time when renewables offer a better alternative.

Israel and Russia are our arch enemies and they are plotting together to seal Europe off from energy, and monopolize the international energy markets. We can stop them, but we first need to try.

I wrote this blog article The Ukraine and Turkey: The Maxilla and Mandible Biting at the Black Sea Rope in the Tug of War Between Europe and Asia more than three years ago and my predictions have since come true:

It is no coincidence that Greece, the Ukraine and Turkey are being thrown into political turmoil at the very same moment. Russia, which has always thought of itself as White European as opposed to mongoloid Asian, is being redirected under bolshevik traitor Vladimir Putin to become aligned with Red China against White Europe. Rather than remapping Europe to include all of Russia as he should, jew puppet Putin seeks to cut into Western Europe and convert it to Asia, as in Chinese.

To assist in this pernicious process, the jews have sent Greece, the Ukraine and Turkey into turmoil. Should Turkey and the Ukraine surrender their sovereignty to the European Union Empire, the jews will use them as gateways into Europe for Africans and Asians. Should the Ukraine and Turkey surrender their sovereignty to Putin and Red China, the jews will flood them with Chinese and cut off Western Europe from energy supplies, while concurrently subverting the USA leaving the Western Europeans in isolation as the jews flood Western Europe with Africans and Asians. Either way, the jewish controlled empires, be it writ EU or BRICS, spell disaster and genocide for the White Race and Europe.

Turkey is a multiethnic nation carved out of historically Greek and Armenian territory. It has been the source of numerous Mongol and Muslim invasions of Europe. It has been jewish controlled for many, many centuries, and remains so. The present government of Turkey has helped the jews ruin several prominent Arab nations, as I predicted they would. This also serves the jews to drive masses of Arabs into Europe, as I predicted it would. The Turkic peoples have long served as pawns for the jews to create wars with Russia and China, as well as Western European nations. The Greeks claim the west of Turkey, and the Armenians and Kurds claim the east of Turkey. The Turks pretend to themselves that they are racial Turks, but they are in fact a very mixed group of people.

The jews are creating a tug of war over the Ukraine and Turkey between Western Europe and traitorous Putin and Red China. But as is the jewish way, the results of this conflict depend solely on the desires of the jews and will largely produce that same result, the good of the jews, which ever way the line is crossed.

It all becomes clear and simple when you simply look at the map and see what is happening. We should be discouraging the growth of empires and working toward national sovereignty. When empires form, the result is miscegenation and loss of racial and national tradition. When empires clash, the result is world war. The jews play the world in this way, this cycle of empires and nationalistic struggles, like an organ grinder turns his music box, and the monkeys all dance to the tune. It is time to break free from their grasp.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Afghanistan Was a Breeding Ground for Red Russian Agents of Our Destruction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In my book Putin's Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time I point out how many agents of the KGB rose to prominence in Afghanistan and have served Putin to harm us. I now would like to add Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to the list.

On 15 June 2016, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy famously stated,

"There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump."

The KGB most likely invited Rohrabacher to Afghanistan. It does not seem likely that they turned him in the country. What is certain is that red rat Rohrabacher has been vocally serving their interests for a very long time:

Democrats line up to take on 'Putin's favorite congressman'

With Three Marine Corps Generals at His Side, President Trump Is Setting Us Up for a Military Coup and Martial Law

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is being exposed as an agent of Red Russia. The Congress is setting up to impeach him. Trump has outed Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and installed retired Marine Corps General John Kelly in his place.

Kelly is one of three Marine Corps generals that Trump has surrounded himself with, the other two being Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and James Mattis, Secretary of Defense. This is a very dangerous usurpation by the Marine Corps of civilian power in the Federal Government. Add to this the fact that the Red Russian controlled alternative media are pushing for a military coup, and things look bad.

And look we must, long and hard at Erdogan's Turkey and the two staged coups which have elevated him to the throne of his dictatorship. But it seems Trump is preparing for a coup against the Congress and the suppression of independent media. Trump is setting us up for a complete takeover of the US Government by his Marine Corps administration and an end to our Constitutional rights.

Trump's purge of transgenders from the military takes on a whole new meaning in light of these facts. He is weeding out Democrats and setting himself up as the guiding force of the military culture. He is also removing LGBT people who would oppose Red Russia on the principle of resisting gay bashing Putin.

We might just have the makings of bolshevik revolution under Trump with the Marine Corps taking charge of the red terror. And the media, mainstream and alternative, have nothing to say about this military usurpation of civilian control of government.

Update 1 August 2017, See:

Is Trump About to Declare a State of Emergency?

How the Jews Are Using Their Totalitarian Control to Cripple the Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Last November, I posted an article in which I opened the question of what would become of the Republicans' Red Russian totalitarianism:

America's New Experiment with Russian Totalitarianism November 09, 2016

Now, we know exactly what the communists and jews planned to do with their totalitarian control over our government. They are using their lock on government to shut it down and prevent it from doing anything to our benefit.

Wall Street has made a hostile takeover of the US Government and is now ruining the nation and stripping our assets, including our military and technological intelligence. They are even trying to make a merger with hostile Red Russia and have it rule not only America, but NATO as well, not for our benefit, but for the benefit of Red Russia, Red China and Israel.

It was reasonable to expect that totalitarian control would have led to rapid action, but the jews have instead used it to cripple us and prevent any progress in our favor. The Trotskyite Republicans have used their lock on government to shut it down while our communist enemies take leaps and bounds over and beyond us.

And the Christian Zionist heretics and alt right crypto-communists are working hard to ensure that the Trotskyite Republicans remain in power so that they can sell us out to Red Russia and Israel. It is time we form our own political party. We have a realistic chance at success.

Wall Street has bought our shares so that they can kill our company. There is no one to stop them but us.

The Jews and Communists Are Deliberately Making Our Government Dysfunctional, as They Take Over the World

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The soap opera in the White House is a deliberate distraction from the reality that Israel, Red Russia and Red China are taking over the world. Former Goldman Sachs employee Anthony Scaramucci is acting out his role to create a smokescreen as Putin and Red Russia destroy Ukraine and Syria, Xi and Red China take over South and Eastern Asia, and Red North Korea diligently pursues instigating a nuclear third world war.

Reality TV has become TV reality, and the communists and jews are behind this decline of the West and rise of the communist/zionist, Israeli-Red Russia-Red China Axis. The Trotskyite Republican Party and their hardcore base of Christian Zionist heretics just can not seem to get anything done, and as this side show unfolds, the communists and jews are working like a well oiled machine to steal and destroy everything we have, as they prepare to exterminate us.

Paulina Firozi quoted Trump in her 15 March 2017 article for The Hill, "Trump names another Goldman Sachs executive to senior administration role":

"'I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him,' Trump said of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at a rally in South Carolina last year. 'Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton.'"

Could it be that Cruz and Clinton took a fall so that Trump could rise? How else can one interpret Trump's words in light of the fact that he beat Cruz to win the Republican nomination, then beat Clinton to win the general election, then filled his government with Goldman Sachs alumni including Stephen Bannon, Steven Mnuchin, Gary David Cohn, James Donovan, Dina Powell, Jay Clayton and Anthony Scaramucci?

I saw this coming more than a year ago, and I wrote about it in several blog articles, including:

Goldman Sachs Cronies Falling to Leave Trump the Last Man Standing, July 25, 2016

Back in 2007, I was the first to expose the fact that people with one form of connection or other to Goldman Sachs (Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, etc.) had put Obama in power, first in the Senate, then the White House. Now Trump is engaging in a Nero act, fiddling around on Twitter as Israel and the communists take over everything. See my article and related links:

The Amazing Links Between Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs, November 23, 2008

The more things stay the same, the more things are changing for the worse for Western Civilization.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another Source Stating that the "Young Turks" Were Jewish Freemasons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I found yet another source which reveals the fact that the "Young Turks" were led by jewish Freemasons, not Muslim Turks. Vicomte Leon De Poncins writes in his The Secret Powers Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism, at pages 66-68,


In 1900 the Grand Orient of France began to turn its attention to Turkey. The young Turks, who were for the most part composed of Jews, Greeks and Armenians were making no progress in their political efforts. They found help in masonry and thereafter advanced rapidly.

'A Secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica. Salonica was the most Jewish town in Europe--70.000 Jews out of a population of 100.000--was specially suitable for the purpose. It already contained moreover several lodges in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed. These lodges are under the protection of European diplomacy and as the Sultan was without weapons against them his fall was inevitable'.

This extract from the Acacia (October 1908) explains everything. At Salonica there were at that time two lodges which were connected with the Grand Orient of Italy. The lodge 'Macedonia', whose venerable was the Italian Jew Emmanuel Carasso, and the lodge 'Labor et Lux'. There were also the lodge 'Veritas' which was connected with the Grand Orient of France, the Spanish lodge 'Preserveranza' and the Greek lodge 'Philippos' this last one pursuing an exclusively national policy.

The young Turks entered these lodges and met there in order to organize and prepare the revolution. Moreover a great number of the numbers of the lodges strengthened the secret young Turk 'Committee of Union and Progress', in which they carried out valuable work. The Turkish government, which could not long remain in ignorance of this constant and mysterious work, became alarmed but its police was unable to get to the bottom of the plot. As a precaution, the lodges turned to the Grand Orient of Italy which let them foresee the protection of the Italian embassy in case of need. Thus little by little the young Turk party came to be almost entirely composed of freemasons, among whom Jews occupied the most influential posts.

The revolution having succeeded as we know, freemasonry knew how to utilize its victory. On the 1st May 1909 the representatives of forty five Turkish lodges met in Constantinopel and founded the 'Grand Orient ottoman'. Mahmoud orphi Pasha was nominated grand master. Among the other dignitaries were the following 'Turks': David Cohen, Raphaelo Ricci, Noclas Forte, Marchione, Jacques Souhami, Goerges Sursock.

A short time after a 'Supreme council of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite' was also formed and recognized by the French and Italian masonic authorities."

In my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians I quote many highly credible sources which verify the fact that the CUP was a crypto-Jewish and Freemasonic organization.

Jewish apologist Stefan Molyneux falsely claimed that the "Young Turk" Committee of Union and Progress only allowed membership to Muslims at 5:30 and forward, and at 27:36 of this farcical discussion:

Molyneux glorifies jewish zionist Henry Morgenthau, Sr. and promotes jewish holocaust mythology about the Nazis, while completely ignoring the leading role jews played in the Armenian Genocide. Adalian and Molyneux discuss the assassination of Hrant Dink who acknowledged the jewish role. Why do Molyneux and Adalian make no mention of it?

At 44:00 and forward, Molyneux slams Germans and declares that the demographic destruction of Germany, as punishment for what Germans allegedly collectively did to the jews, is an honorable process. They discuss how Turkey has evaded punishment, making an issue of Turkey's membership in NATO, but never raise the issue of the fact that jews have escaped their guilt without any mention of it by the major powers after WW I. They also fail to specifically mention the fact that Arab Muslims helped save many Armenians. What about holding the jews to account? Does Molyneux address the Armenian Genocide as an attempt to drive a wedge in NATO and drive Turkey out of it, and seek limitations on Turkey's military? And what about the genocide of the Palestinians taking place today? Does it not deserve mention?

Turning Western Civilization into Babylon, Transgenders in the Military and Jeremiah 51:30-32

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The pro-Russian bolshevist and subversive Chuck Hagel worked with bolshevik Red Russian Dmitry Medvedev to undermine America's nuclear weapons capabilities in a program called "Global Zero". When the libertarians and White Nationalist media supported Hagel's nomination under Obama for Secretary of Defense, I warned that he was a puppet of the Red Russians and would subvert our national interests, calling him "Kosher as a Bagel Chuck Hagel".

Hagel began the process of normalizing the perversion of homosexuality in the military, which later reached fruition in the Obama administration:

How U.S. Military Policy on Transgender Personnel Changed Under Obama

The jews know how to weaken a military by turning its soldiers into women. Jeremiah 51:30-32 states,

"30 The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken.

31 One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another, to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end,

32 And that the passages are stopped, and the reeds they have burned with fire, and the men of war are affrighted."

The jews subverted the Ottoman Empire with homosexuality as this graphic, and I do mean graphic and pornographic image shows:

"An illustration from the 19th Century book Sawaqub al-Manaquib depicting homosexual anal sex with a wine boy. Titled at source as 'Spilling the wine'."

In 1858, the Ottoman Turks decrimilized homosexuality as part of the Tanzimat "reforms". The Empire was rapidly declining and became the "sick man of Europe", just as the US is rapidly declining under Obama and now Trump. The Ottomans used to bring boys with them for the gratification of their soldiers.

The jews want to turn Gentiles into hermaphrodites after the fashion of unconscious hermaphrodite plants. They have taught the Freemasons that it is their role to serve as the builders of the temple of Saturn, which is a symbol of the solar system, and to fulfill their role as profane political leaders so that the jews can fulfill their clerical role as priests.

The jews have led the Freemasons to believe that humans started out like hermaphrodite plants and that Eve slept with Sammael producing profane Cain the father of the Gentiles, but that Eve slept with the jewish god's creation Adam to produce Seth the father of the clerical jews. The Freemasons and Christian church leaders have been pushing the rainbow flag and homosexual and hermaphrodite culture on the West as part of implementing the Noahide laws among Gentiles and subverting the natural reproduction of Gentiles. The jews have taught the Freemasons that reproduction and the sex drive are evil and that they should redirect their sexual energies from their groins to their brains along the spinal chord, so that they can become altruistic and reasonable, much like the lifting of Chi in toaist Chinese philosophy.

Trump is in search of a diversion from his Red Russian scandals. He seized upon the opportunity to bar transgenders from the military as a means to solidify and rally his base. The communists will seize upon Trump's diversion as an opportunity to further destroy the transatlantic alliance and NATO, by pitting Canada and the EU against the USA and demanding that we continue the process of perverting our society as they are doing under the direction of the jews.

The jews believe their god will assist them in destroying the Gentiles if they can corrupt Gentiles societies like Sodom and Gemorrah. The jews believe that evil is good and use it at every opportunity to increase their strength.

Trump is serving to weaken our military by strengthening it. He accomplishes this for Red Russia by normalizing our military but at the same time alienating us from the perversions that persist in Canada and the EU, thereby weakening our military alliances by strengthening the morale of our national military.

The subjective and objective analysis of the effectiveness of openly perverse people in the military is a separate issue. But what is of key importance is the fact that the feminization of the military is part of the general feminization of Western Civilization which leaves us less likely to resist jewish and communist aggression and act against our enemies. Destroying our alliances on the basis of whether or not to allow open perversions in our militaries, instead of continuing to base our alliances on our mutual interests in defending our nations from aggressive communist attack, serves only Red Russia and Red China. It is obvious that the jews and communists are behind this subversion through perversion. It only serves their interests, and not ours.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Islamic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Is Taking Shape

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been predicting for a very long time that the Soviets would take over Islam and turn it into a Soviet bloc, trapping it behind a Red Russian iron curtain as the jews demolish the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque and build their temple to Saturn on the site, then anoint their moshiach/anti-Christ/al-Dajjal. Well, it is now taking its final forms.

Turkey, under Erdogan, has become completely bolshevized and is flipping its alliance from the West and Israel, to the Israeli-Russian Zionist-Communist Axis. See:

Erdogan: Turkey inks deal to buy S-400 Russian missiles

This will isolate Europe from Middle Eastern oil leaving Europe at the mercy of Russia and Israel for its energy supplies. Trump is encouraging this attack on the West, as did Obama before him. But the treachery does not end in Turkey.

Iraq is now entering the communist Islamic pact with Red Russia. The Red Terror of Putin's ISIS have delivered them right into the bolshevik fold:

U.S. Ally Iraq Turns to Russia for Military Support, Oil Deals and Nation Building

With real sanctions and by excluding them from international banking, the West could stop Russia and Putin overnight. That is not what the jews want. The jews want to use Red Russia and communist Islam to destroy the West. That is why bolshevik Red Russia put Merkel in power, right after their puppet Gerhard Schroeder left to pursue Gasprom, so that she could bring West Germany into the East German communist fold and import Muslim into Europe.

Let the alt right explain why it is they are anti-Muslim, but support Putin who is completely pro-Muslim and serves as their guardian angel? Why does the alt right support Red Russia while opposing the Muslim invasion, when it is Red Russia that sponsored Merkel and the communist anti-zionists who welcomed in the Muslim invasion and now use it as an excuse to decry the "fascist" West, the communists have also created.

No more time to stupidly support our enemy Putin. The jews are setting up the Muslims, Red Russians and Red Chinese in a new alliance with Israel, to exterminate Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and America.

Are Red Russia and the International Communists Generating Yet More Bloodshed in Afghanistan?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

CNN is reporting that it appears likely that the Red Russians are arming the Taliban. These arms can only be meant to spill more blood. Imperialist Red Russia has been interfering in internal Afghani politics for many decades and waged a brutal war against the nation from 1979 until 1989.

When that war failed, the Soviets faked the breakup of the Soviet Union. Not long afterward, Vladimir called for a global war on terror shortly after assuming office in 1999.

In 2001, the Trotskyites who ran the Republican Party in collusion with the Israelis staged the 9/11 attacks and joined Putin's global war on terror with his full support and encouragement. NATO invoked article 5 for the first and only time to attack Red Russia's enemy Afghanistan, not to defend Western Civilization from Red Russian bolshevism. We are still fighting Israel's and Red Russia's war against the Afghans. And it appears that the Red Russians are funneling in arms to increase the mayhem. At the same time, the Israelis are providing the Red Russians and Red Chinese with our military intelligence and arms secrets, as well as weapons.

The jews and communists are weakening us with self consuming wars, as they build up Israel, Red Russia and Red China as an alliance against us. They have a fifth column of Republicans, libertarians and White Nationalists singing their praises and demoralizing us.



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It Is Time to Act

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Democrats are exposing the fact that the Republican Party had been subverted by communist Russia. The Democrats are NOT exposing the fact that Russia is forming an alliance with Israel and Red China to replace the American alliance with Israel. The Democrats are NOT exposing the fact that Putin engineered the global war on terror and that Russia, Israel and the Trotskyite jews of America are the cause of global terrorism.

Putin and Netanyahu's puppet Donald Trump now wants to change the subject to the subversion of the Democratic Party and the corruption of Hillary Clinton. His case against them is legitimate and strong and will bring out the fact that the Democrats are also in bed with the communists, opened up our borders, destroyed our industry and empowered our enemies in Red Russia, Red China and communist North Korea. But Trump will NOT expose the fact that Red Russia is forming an alliance with Israel and Red China to replace the American alliance with Israel. Trump will NOT expose the fact that Putin engineered the global war on terror and that Red Russia, Israel and the Trotskyite jews of America are the cause of global terrorism.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will let the American People know how weak Red Russia and Red China are, and that we can stop them economically very quickly. Neither of those jewish and communist subverted parties will take on Israel or freeze Putin's assets.

It looks as if Trump is going to dump Sessions and scapegoat him for Trump's troubles. Trump might then appoint Rudy Giuliani Attorney General, who will then promptly go after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. A special counsel, a Ken Star 2.0, will probably be appointed and America will endure the demoralizing political civil war the communists have deliberately created, leaving the jews and Putin, Israel and Red Russia untouched.

This is our chance and we must seize the opportunity. As the Democrats and Republicans drag one another for the benefit of Red Russia, Red China and Israel, we can elevate our political position by exposing the facts and informing the American People of the jewish communist subversion taking place and what we must do about it.

We can also expose the fact that the mainstream media and the alternative media are both fronts for the communists, that neither reports the full truth, and that both are working together to demoralize the West and set us up for a complete communist takeover.